Western economic, political, and sociological pseudoscience

American exceptionalism today is neither economic — for capitalism as we know it has failed on a global and massive scale, and nobody in the West is even decent enough to admit it — nor part of the current political or social science curriculi at major American universities.

While Russia has managed to preserve some popular aspirations in the various rump states that have formed in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the only statecraft acknowledged in the West is little more than the cult of State power, and it is a cult, definitely not an established religion.

While the article below goes a little deeper about the situation in the DPR than most other articles available in the Western media, making sociological myths out of the virtually perennial aspirations of people in this region, shows that the purpose of Western politics is not to achieve political and social harmony, and to fulfil even the most minimal of peoples' aspirations, but to first impose State power like some sort of political or sociological ne plus ultra, and later impose all those State institutions — regional, local, and corporate — which then do little more than perpetuate the power (tyranny) of the State, and at the expense of the majority, and its needs and aspirations.

In this respect, Western political science is today little more than a simian political science, a cult which makes monkeys out of actual Gods, and gods out of actual monkeys.

Western political science is little more than another Darwinian pseudoscience, the philosphy of a destructive cult, not an established religion enjoying even minimal respectability.

Self-styled people's governor of Donetsk tells us: these areas have always been Russian
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [1, 2]
Saint René Descartes University