UMMOA declares Green Island the 30th UMMOA insular possession

Despite what the Wikipedia's English language article says about Green Island, the French version of the same page states that the Île Verte, an island at the edge of the French (Saint Pierre and Miquelon) and the Canadian (Newfoundland and Labrador) maritime borders, is of uncertain sovereignty despite the construction and reconstruction of a lighthouse by Newfoundlanders.

Thus Green Island / Île Verte is actually a disputed territory of North America located at the point of N 46°52'44" and W 56°05'21".

Since Canada has recently imposed sanctions against Russia, Donetsk, and Lugansk officials, and the latter two are either the two micronations of the Donetsk People's Republic, and the Lugansk People's Republic, or collectively the micronational federation known as the Federal State of Novorossiya, the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA), which does not appreciate the practice of imperialism or absolute Roman law in the 21st century, and which believes that all distinct peoples have a right to self-determination, or at the very least the right to significant cultural-linguistic autonomy, and that any violation of that right is also a violation of the Montevideo Convention, as well as several other international human rights instruments, cheerfully declares the disputed territory of Green Island / Île Verte as the UMMOA's 30th insular possession, on this 30th day of July 2014:

By the way, while the UMMOA prefers using the English name version for any of its 30 insular possessions, for Green Island we will make an exception, and give preferential treatment to the island's name in French, so it shall be known officially in the UMMOA as l'Île Verte.

Merci, Mesdames et Messieurs!

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