Cesidian political science general rule number two

How do you know your country is a Third World nation? You know when it can't stand, or is resentful of, superpowers or major world powers, or First World nations.

Since 2008, when the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) acquired Fifth World nation status, it has had to deal with the resentment of entities which are also two orders lower, not Sixth World nations, or real new micronations, but with non-polities, wannabe polities, or observers ("7th world" stuff).

Recently a Fifth World entity, ie a parish, nation or tribe, threw the UMMOA's news out of its Facebook group. It had never done this before!

While less conclusive evidence of this has appeared in the past, and in a different manner, the real incident mentioned above is further evidence that the UMMOA is indeed a Third World nation, as reasonably speculated in the past.

Cesidian political science general rule number one is as follows: you are "something" — eg, a nation, a town, or a state — if you strongly and indisputably project that image in the world, and/or you are recognised by an equivalent "something" — ie a nation, a town, or a state.

Cesidian political science general rule number two, on the other hand, is this: you are hated by "something" — eg, a nation, a town, or a state — if that something is two orders of magnitude (two Tallini Worlds, and there are six altogether) less developed than your something — ie a nation, a town, or a state.

Real nations (Fifth World nations) are usually hated by non-polities, wannabe polities, or observers ("7th world" stuff), to use UN lingo.

Third World nations are usually hated by real parishes, nations or tribes (Fifth World nations), and in turn often hate First World nations.

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